Dogs are welcome

At Addaction Chy everyone’s welcome… including your four-legged friend.

By taking your dog with you to Addaction Chy will help you feel at home but can also help with your recovery in ways you may not have realised.

Pets teach responsibility, it helps to have something to care about whilst you are in recovery. Pets can also help you build up your confidence and self-worth, they do this by giving you gratitude for even the smallest gestures of love and care, this can make you feel good. As pets can be sensitive and respond to emotions this can teach you how to manage your own emotions when around them. They are a healthy outlet for stress, anxiety and depression, by stroking and caring for your pet can help you feel calm, relaxed and less anxious.

Our former resident Emma has this to say…
“I wanted to go into rehab, but there was no one who could take care of my dog. Just over a year ago I went into treatment and took my dog with me.

“On arrival we were greeted by warm and professional staff. I settled Roxy, my dog, into her new yet luxurious accommodation. The other residents were welcoming and friendly. The beauty of Truro and the Cornish country side can speak for its self. I’m not saying that my journey was easy, but the excellent counsellors were there to support and encourage me. Today life is so much more than I could have ever imagined it to be. I feel extremely fortunate to have begun my new life in recovery from Addaction Chy”.

Addaction Chy’s residential rehabilitation centre has a dog kennel in the grounds of the main house and spaces in our move on flat for the dog and client to continue their treatment, meaning people don’t have to give up their dog to access treatment.

“We hope this new facility will make it easier for more people to access recovery and go on to live fulfilling lives”.
Ross Dunstan, Centre Manager

We would need to carry out a dog suitability assessment to see if your dog is eligible. To find out more please send us a message through our contact form or call 01872 262 414.