New integrative arts psychotherapy programme – RAFT

At Addaction Chy we are really excited to be offering a new 8 week integrative arts psychotherapy programme designed specifically for us to support people who have experienced complex trauma such as PTSD and other mental health conditions including schizophrenia and bipolar.

Watch the video below to find out more information, a news piece from Spotlight.

These kinds of trauma can often lead to problems with drugs and alcohol due to the fact that people feel emotionally unstable, their confidence is reduced and relationships maybe problematic.

The new course is called RAFT which stands for Recovery and Aftercare for Formative Trauma, its aim is to support people work through their problems and achieve long-term recovery and prevent relapse. RAFT is an evidenced based model and has been evaluated over a 2 year period by independent researchers at the University of Bath. Due to the creative, open and expressive nature of the programme it has had a positive effect on the people who have attended. Residents experienced an increase in positive wellbeing, they felt more able to cope with live, their self-esteem improved and they felt more able to manage their emotions.

A former resident describes their experience below.
“RAFT enabled me to see my trauma in a way I never could when it was inside my head and, the different perspective it offered, allowed me to accept my past, learn from it and move forward. It was challenging at times, but ultimately an eye opening, bonding and enjoyable experience, which I heartily recommend anyone, given the opportunity, grabs with both hands.”

The programme consists of 16 sessions which are 1½hrs long. These sessions are delivered in a group format twice a week. A highly qualified psychotherapist specialising in trauma treatment and PTSD facilitates all sessions, supported by key workers at Addaction Chy to ensure continuity of care between sessions.

To find out more about Addaction Chy and the RAFT programme please visit our website or call 01872 262 414.