Our treatments

The treatment at We Are With You at Chy involves highly regarded, evidence-based practice. Residents are supported in all aspects of their programme, which includes relapse prevention tools and developing a recovery network, as well as skills such as budgeting, cooking and domestic responsibilities. The personal development training covers new coping strategies, assertiveness practice and self-esteem building.

A treatment programme will include participating in a variety of group work settings. This includes process groups, where residents share their current feelings and can be challenged by other residents regarding their behaviour; and gender groups, which give residents the chance to talk amongst their own gender.

One-to-one work takes place with a practitioner and residents can focus on the issues that have led them to addiction and what they need to work through in a recovery plan. Each resident also completes four assignments covering an introduction to treatment, consequences, a progress report and a suitcase assignment about integrating back into the community. Our residents also receive a broad range of training and education opportunities to ensure their programme has long-term success.