A typical day

The programme runs for 12 weeks and consists of a range of elements focusing on your personal and social rehabilitation. Residents get up about 7.30am and sit down together for breakfast before the day begins with a morning meeting. There are 17 spacious single rooms and one double room at We Are With You at Chy, which is surrounded by gardens that are for the use of residents. There is plenty of space to enjoy the company of other people in recovery or to be by yourself.

Any household duties are then completed, as residents are responsible for their own rooms as well as being on a rota for communal areas. The morning could be spent in a workshop exploring recovery skills like assertiveness, or emotional wellbeing issues such as anxiety management.

Residents then spend some time on their own doing one-to-one work or producing their personal development assignment, before enjoying lunch together.

During the afternoon there may be a group assignment or a life skills workshop and those on catering duties would start to prepare the evening meal.

There is plenty to do in the evenings such as relaxation, acupuncture and creative activities.

Weekends include recovery-based entertainment and free time to visit the local area or family (dependent on the stage of your recovery programme).

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