Family programme

We Are With You at Chy runs a regular family conference. The event invites family members and/or significant others of residents to come to We Are With You at Chy.

Research shows that when people affected by addiction attend these events, symptoms of stress and impact are significantly reduced and the experience often leads to improved relationships. It helps people to get a better understanding of addiction and recovery and also gives an opportunity to learn ways of coping with the changes that occur with the person in treatment. During the full day conference, people will be involved in a number of psycho-educational workshops that cover areas such as:

  • Enabling behaviours
  • Family roles and systems
  • The ‘drama triangle’
  • Relapse
  • Why do people become addicted?

Participants will also be able to learn new skills such as assertiveness, forming and maintaining boundaries when dealing with lapse/relapse and establishing a support network for themselves. There is also a social element for people attending this conference by coming together and realising they are not alone in experiencing these problems.