Dan’s story

“Today I’m a strong member of the local community with a balanced healthy life. I attend and help run, fund and maintain local community groups. I am also a trustee and musician in the first recovery Orchestra in the world. I’m back at work and back on track. Enjoying a balanced, content life.

But before Addaction Chy it was a very different story.

I was depressed, disillusioned, paranoid, and lonely. Busy lying to myself, loved ones, and in destructive denial about my situation and costly addiction. My life was slowly falling suicidally off a cliff, with total loss of self-control. I’d been slowly killing myself and it all came to a head aged 36 with three separate admissions to hospital for acute pancreatitis due to heavy alcohol consumption. During the third time while lying on my hospital bed I contacted Chy, desperate for professional help I could trust.

Once at Chy, I started to slowly claim back the important things in my life; my health, my self-belief, people I care about, being in touch with nature and culture, exercise, music and a rekindled curiosity for the world.

I said ‘Yes’, to most things, particularly new experiences. At first to fill my days and mind, but later to help others, give something back and to find personal fulfillment. By being open and honest to my feelings, a true lust for life returned. At Chy I could fully concentrate on my recovery and my relationship to myself. This gave me the space to nurture a rock solid, secure base to grow into who I am today.

Now I am a confident, well-connected, liked and self-fulfilled individual who feels strongly empowered having gone through Chy.

If anything I said above touches a nerve, then now is the moment to get in touch with Addaction Chy.”